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It has been more than seven decades since the first unidentified flying objects were detected

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The Site is Carlos Valrand's dazzling novel set at the perplexing intersection of seemingly unrelated occurrences -- the strange haunting dreams of a London schoolteacher, mysterious unexplained events, and inklings of conspiracy.

In her dreams, Cicely experiences glimpses of the lives of Charles and Vivian, strangers driven by curiosity and resolve to investigate a stolen government document that conceals otherworldly secrets.

The Site [February 24, 2021, 423 pages, ISBN 978-0-578-83813-7] is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook form from various retailers, including Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, BOOKS-A-MILLION, and iTunes.

“...impressively intricate and relentlessly paced…will have readers furiously turning pages until the end.” BlueInk Review

“The plot moves at a good pace, with well-spaced revelations and twists.” Kirkus Reviews

“…nearly impossible to put the book down…4 of 4 stars.” OnlineBookClub

“The story is suspenseful.” Clarion Foreword Reviews

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